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LGBT, Transactional Analysis

Staying ‘OK’ in the Face of Discriminatory Bills

April 7, 2016

More than 30 anti-lgbt bills are fighting to pass in 2016. We are already seeing the first few discriminatory bills pass.

I see how these bills are affecting lgbt emotional health. A sense of sadness, anger or fear are normal emotional reactions to discrimination. More than ever skills around resilience, self care and relationship communication skills need to strengthen.

From a Transactional Analysis perspective these bills are essentially a painful form of DISCOUNTING. It is a discount of an individual’s gender identity or sexual orientation. The child ego state holds one’s sexuality and feelings around gender. The pain of feeling this discount can sometimes be beyond words and could potentially shape how we decide to perceive the others and ourselves. Maintaining an I’m OK and You’re Ok existential position can be challenging as such experiences can regress us back to early wounds and early painful script decisions.

Don’t stay alone with your thoughts and feelings. Reach out to friends, community resources or a therapist. Knowing you can DECIDE to continue being OK in the face of adversary and discrimination is a gift.

Try the following Affirmations:

I have a right to my gender identity/sexual orientation
I Love me
I will live through this
I will seek support
I have a right to survive
I have a right to exist as me